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Symbol: S
Atomic number: 16
Average atomic mass: 32.065
Group number: 16
Period number: 3
Phase: Solid
Melting point 388.36 K
Boiling point 717.8 K


Sulfur-is a nonmetal at room temp sulfur is yellow about 200c it turns red.
Sulfur is an important part of living cells.
The smell of Sulfur is like rotten eggs.
Sulfur Consists of 11 isotopes and 6 servalence electrons.
If you come in contact with Large amounts of sulfur can kill you.
Sulfur is used for some Skin Disorders, Arthrits, Pain/injury, and some Diets consist of Sulfur.


In ancient times Sulfur was called Genesis. Sulfur occurs in nature naturally. Volcanos and hot Springs is an example of where sulfur is located. No one knows who discoverd the element. Sulfur was located in China. Antoine Lavoisier helped the scientific community that sulfur was an element .

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